A Fine Combination of Chocolate and Lime

A trip back home to the family had me curled up on the sofa flicking through the newspapers on a sunday afternoon. When I say newspapers I mean my parents read the real bits and I remained blissfully(?) unaware with my Guardian Cooking Supplement.
I always like the look of the recipes but never get round to making them, most likely because papers get lost and forgotten under the sofa. But one recipe caught my eye and I was adamant it would get made; a chocolate and lime cake.
Chocolate and lime. I feel like they’re very different flavours and experiences. It could be a disaster but alternatively the author could be right and it could be wonderful. Yes, its likely to be the latter but I had to find out for myself.

Much to my mother’s dismay, I took the recipe back up to York with me where I let it sit on my desk for a good 3 weeks. It was going to get lost just like every other recipe card and cut-out I had.
I needed an occasion and if there wasn’t anything coming up I’d have to create one. I sold it as mexican night. No-one can turn down nachos and fajitas. And after a huge feast no-one was allowed to turn down my cake. I like a good plan.

Lime Zest

This is one of the most wonderful cakes I have ever eaten.
(Credit to Ruby Tandoh whose recipe I found in The Guardian, though slightly edited to fit my dairy free needs).

Chocolate and Lime Cake Recipe:

150g Dark Chocolate

125g Pure

Good Pinch of Salt

Zest of 3 Limes

3 Eggs, separated

200g Caster Sugar

70g Plain Flour

Preheat your oven to 170C and grease and line a cake tin.

Melt the chocolate and Pure in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Once melted stir in the lime zest. Set aside and leave to cool a little.

Whisk together 100g of the caster sugar with the 3 egg yolks until they are light and fluffy. The mixture should leave a ribbon on the surface mix when falling from the whisk.

Then in a clean and dry bowl with a clean and dry whisk beat your 3 egg whites, slowly at first until they appear foamy. Then up the speed and add the remaining 100g caster sugar one tablespoon at a time. The mixture should be thick, stiff and glossy.

Fold your melted chocolate mixture into the egg yolk mixture then fold a third of this into the egg whites. Once combined (but still marbled) add another third and so on.
Next sift in half of the flour and gently fold until just combined, then the other half and gently fold again. You want to keep in as much air as possible, so don’t beat it.

Pour the cake mix into your prepared tin and bake for 30-35 minutes.
Leave to cool in the tin.
I covered mine in icing sugar and lime zest.


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