This summer I enjoyed endless jars of apricot jam. I became obsessed. I don’t even mind that I can’t have Nutella anymore because apricot jam is my new one true love. You should all share in this joy.


Its also really easy. I even made some whilst camping on a little tiny gas cooker. I’m not boasting, but y’all have no excuse now.

Here is the recipe!

(I don’t think I have ever really weighed anything out but I’ll go by normal jam rules)

1 lb apricots

…calls for 1lb white sugar (strictly speaking) – here however I started playing around and did half sugar which means the jam is more tart and will not keep as long. All personal preference.

Wash and place some jam jars in a cool oven and then bring it up to heat to about 70C. This not only sterilizes them but also prevents the glass from cracking when you pour the hot jam inside.

Cut up your apricots into half, quarters, small chunks (again it depends how you like your jam, some like big chunks – me – others like it smooth with no chunks – my boyfriend – [I know, how does it work?!]).

Place the chopped apricots in a heavy saucepan and heat on a low heat for around 5 minutes until they are soft. Next add your sugar.

Bubbling away
Bubbling away

Once the sugar has all dissolved turn up the heat. Once on a rolling boil leave for around 15-20 minutes, then test for a set. To test for a set I place a couple of small dishes in the fridge and drop a little of the jam onto a dish when I think it is ready. Once cooled slightly push your finger through it and check for wrinkles and a slight gloopiness. (Take the pan off the heat each time you check).

When ready take any scum off the top and leave for a couple of minutes. Then ladle into your jam jars.

... and re-used jars
… and re-used jars

Enjoy with fresh bread, any bread, muffins, crumpets, everything…

I dug into a tasty afternoon snack...
I dug into a tasty afternoon snack…

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  1. Juliaskitchen@ymail.com November 8, 2013 — 10:39 pm

    Great photos! Xx

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